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Ways to get Thinner Thighs to Wear the Hot Pants

Losing weight and look thinner is always something that is related to women because they are more conscious of having a perfect figure than men do. The most difficult part to get in the shape of your body is thighs. Thighs take more time as compared to other body parts to get thinner. So all the ladies out there who are currently thinking to start exercise for getting their thighs thinner, here are few thigh workouts that you might need to notice. Get back to your skinny jeans and stop hating what you love to hate; yes, I am talking about the thighs here.

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Remember these Thigh Workouts are much better than gym workout plans for women. So after trying these do not forget to check how much Calories you have burned!

Gate Swings

This certain exercise shows its best results as a warm-up move because it actively generates the core muscles and the stabilizing muscles along with toning your inner thighs.

Stand completely on the left leg of yours while putting all the weight on the left leg and keep your hands behind the head. Bend the right knee of yours a little and start moving your right leg too and fro, forward and backward with your following foot totally flexed. Do not let your foot touch the ground. Repeat this exercise for ten times while moving it in a certain manner with the right leg and then do the same with the left leg.


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Side Swing Sweep

Side Swing Sweep also known as Side Lunge Sweep is a very effective workout move for the toning of your inner as well as outer thighs.

Now here’s the procedure how you do this, you need to stand straight with both your hands on your hips and your feet slicked together. Now take a long step out from your left side and bend the left knee of yours, keeping your hips pushed up shaping your whole body into a lunge. Then push yourself through the left foot’s heel of yours and then get back to the normal body posture by standing up. Now cross the left leg of yours moving it to the front without touching the ground. Now you have to swing the certain leg to the left side from back and repeat it. You need to repeat this move fifteen times with left leg and a right leg each time.


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Look at all the ballerina’s around you and you will find there thighs and legs amazing. Grand Plies / Sumo Squats are the major reasons. With the slide in along with grand plies makes your muscles go all toned and awesome. This move is always there in every workout plan for women.

Now here is how to do it effectively; stand straight with your feet sticking together. Keep your toes turned along with your knees at about 45 degrees. Now take a step quite wide out on the right side and on the right foot. Then squat down low, keep going down as low as much as you can go. Do not bend your back keep it straight, push your hips down and reach to the ground with your arms, in front of you. Then stand up straight, moving the right foot of yours to the left one, keeping your legs squeezed together making your heel touch each other keeping your arms on your head. Step back a little keeping yourself in the squat with your both legs switching every time for twenty times.

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