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Ultimate Hacks for a target waist size this summer

This article is the most awaited one. Guys are sending e-mail and messages asking for a complete plan to get rid of extra inches. Well, be prepared for these hacks if you have no mood to follow some plan. You do not have to make promises of not eating fast food or watch any calories. These hacks are enough to get your waistline reduced.

Lemon Water

Once you wake up, the first thing you should do is to make lemon water. Add mint leaves in two to three cups of water and boil if for one to two minutes. Squeeze a lemon in it and also add a pinch of salt. Have a few portion of it in the morning.

Calories in lemon

Let the rest of water become cold. Put it in the fridge for two to three hours. Make sure every time you take a couple of sips of lemon water whenever you feel an urge for a drink. Do this for 10 to 15 days.

Courtesy: A New Concept in the Treatment of Obesity (Journal Article)

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Banana Meal

Do you know how many calories in a banana? Well, all of them are superb for you. You need sugar for energy not for storing it in the stomach. Take two bananas before lunch. You have to do it once in a day. Here is your answer to How many calories in a banana

how many calories in a banana


Calories in banana provide enough strength for a whole day. It will help you reducing your meal size in a lunch. Calories in an Apple are also useful, and you can add them for alternate days.

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No water after meal

Once you are done with a complete meal make sure you drink no water.

calories in water

According to Chinese ancient methods and South Asian Hakeem’s it’s the most successful way of losing weight. Do not mess with the metabolism and let it digest what you eat for at least an hour.

Cucumber, Iceberg lettuce, and Tomatoes

Before having a last meal of the day, cut them into slices and eat almost a full plate. You can put some salad dressing if you like so that it gives you a good taste.

Calories in tomato calories in lettuce Calories in cucumber

These three vegetables should be equally mixed because they have a high caloric balance.

You should do these hacks 15 days. It is one of the guaranteed weight loss program. These are also part of the famous healthy lunch ideas. Once you lose an inch, do not forget to rate this article after 15 days!

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