Physical Excercise

Types of physical exercise you choose

Young-couple-jogging-in-park-at-morning.-Health-and-fitness.-People of all age groups can improve their health and well-being by getting more physically active. Professionals recommend that adults get 30-60 mins of moderate-intensity physical exercise on a regular basis. Moderate-intensity physical exercise refers to a level of effort in which a individual should practical experience some increase in breathing or heart rate.

While the perfect activity is the one that you will do, there are many types of physical activity and it is probably a good idea to include a few of each of the following in order to achieve over-all fitness:

Suggestions for choosing the types of physical exercise that are best for you:

Choose physical exercises that are convenient and enjoyable, and that you will want to do daily for life.
Keep away from any physical activity that causes pain.
Take advantage of workout classes like aerobics, ballroom dance, T’ai Chi or arranged walks and hikes.
Take into consideration your goals-do you want to boost strength, flexibility or cardiovascular health.

Whichever types of physical exercise you choose:

Physical exercise at your own tempo, increasing the intensity when you really feel comfortable.
Vary your workout routine to keep it interesting.
Be realistic with what you can do.

Some other Resources

Create targets and track your physical exercise with our Physical Activity Journal.
Teenagers can track their physical exercise and set goals with our interactive Teenager BEAT.
Go to the American College of Sports Medicine for more resources and information.

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