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Tennis Workout for Weight Loss

The advantages of  Tennis Workout for Weight Loss

Workout-tennisPlaying tennis is an excellent way to lose a few pounds but there are lots of other benefits too. Tennis workout is a fantastic and fun way to improve fitness and build co-ordination whilst opening up a complete new fun social scene. Tennis allows you to lose weight, to get fit and to make buddies – what could be better than that?

The nearest that many of us get to playing tennis is actually watching one of the Grand Slams on the tv. Tennis organization membership fees often see an increase instantly following a Grand Slam, particularly if one of the most favorite has put up a good showing – sadly for many of us paying their membership fees is as far as they get and that is will not help you to lose pounds, it’ll only assist you to lose bucks.

A lot of people shy away from tennis as part of their exercise program because it looks too very difficult and they are worried that they will spend the most of their court time fetching run away tennis balls from around the court. The one thing to remember is that tennis of almost any standard is good for you and enjoyable – it can be as calming or as strenuous as you want. The game of tennis needs a combination of physical and mental demands which help to construct fitness, lose weight and increase co-ordination.  Just how much weight will you lose when playing tennis? Well, that all those depends on you and how tough you play.

Cardio-tennis-1The weight and effort level is a big factor when you are looking at weight reduction and calorie burning on the tennis court but the additional calories burned in a 1 / 2 hour tennis session could be anyplace between 100 and 150 – not counting the enjoyment factor. The important thing to really enjoying tennis as part of your weight reducing program is to find other players who are of a related level to yours. Even the most uncompetitive persons will soon get bored of playing a person who is much better at the game than they are.

If you spend the full 1 / 2 hour getting balls which have whizzed across the court and past you at an scary rate it soon gets boring. Begin slowly with people of a related standard and just play for 20 minutes or so 3 times per week until your fitness level boosts.  If you slowly build up your tennis time to one or two hours each week you’ll be surprised how much your game can improve and your body weight will fall off.

Don’t be worried about buying the most expensive tennis gear and kit bag. Unless you prefer to keep it up and play routinely there really is no reason to spend a lot of money on your tennis gear. “Footwear are important, they must support your feet and provide adequate support “Tennis rackets price as much or as little as you are ready to spend – your local sports retail outlet should be able to inform you which rackets offer the best value for money Tennis and weight reduction really is a great mixture. You can get fit, slim down and make a bunch of new buddies all at the same time, ideal.

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