[Success Story] Achieving My Fitness Goals

At-last Achieving My Fitness Goals

fitness-motivation StoryI have always been fat but I never truly felt fat. In my mind, I was only just temporary being held captive by a entire body that did not really represent how I felt inside. It has been 34 years of feeling like that and I finally give in, I am just another fat individual who lacks the motivation and also discipline to shed pounds. I have tried so many diet plans and have started so many health kicks but I always stop.

My biggest problem is that I am not consistent in my hard work. I might move a week then I would not exercise again.   I bet this is a issue that most fat people have. We cannot reach our fitness goals because we generally are not consistent in our efforts. The average fat individual has a wealth of info on losing weight but they can never consistently implement it.

I probably know more about health and fitness than the average personal fitness trainer. If I could ever become discipline, I could shed all this ugly weight that I have been carrying around for more than Thirty years. I am so prepared to get rid of it. It holds me down and it makes me seems sick.   Being excess fat has really ruined my life. It has caused me to not ever have a girlfriend. Yes, I have kissed women and have had sex but I have never had a girl.

I have never wanted to date women in my league and I don’t need fat girl. Many of the women I wish do not want me so I rather stay alone. There have been a couple of times when a wonderful girl has liked me but I never pursued it because I did not think I was worthy. It’s actual hard trying to start or be in a marriage when you feel bad about yourself.  I wonder just how common is my experience: individuals avoiding relationships because they feel embarrassed of who they are. I not do  even have any photos on Facebook because I dislike what I look like.

The only photo I have is a picture of my face. I have had young girls who like my face pictures on social media ask for more pictures. Imagine how much of a loser I feel just like when that happens. It happens much more as compared to I like and it has been a regular problem for too many year. I am prepared to make a change.  Do you discover why I must lose weight and boost my fitness? I  have  not even lived a whole life.

There are 15 year old’s with more adult dating experience with me. I feel like I have missed out on all the things that individuals experienced as teenagers and as colleges and universities students. I am fed up this life and with this entire body until I can get the discipline to force individually to do the right things. I am aware that these posts are suppose to be inspired but I do not care this is my awful life and I understand others share the same practical experience that I have.

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