Smoothie Bowl Recipe with Extremely Less Calories


There are lots of misconception about calories in smoothies. We have highlighted some of the best smoothie recipe for weight loss. 

Smoothies are widely sold in the juice bars and smoothie shops and can be found all around your place. The healthy smoothies for weight loss are, after several years, now a trend and a lot of people attract towards it.

Smoothie Recipe:

There are a lot of ingredients that are use in the making of this delicious thing. Different people utilize various available resources to enjoy a tasty blend of different taste.

However, different things that you are using in its making can add up together to make a lot of calories. This will lead to great calories intake for smoothie diet.

Smoothies for weight loss

So if you are searching for such smoothie recipes for weight loss that is tasty and is low in calories, here you will find one.

The cucumber present in it will add up to its refreshing element, and the Greek yogurt can be seen as a great filing. What else is add to it is there to make it delicious? So it can be taken as an appropriate breakfast.

Weight loss shakes

Smoothie Recipe; You Need:

      • One and a half tablespoon of chia seeds
      • One cup of seedless cucumbers (ensure that they are peel)
      • Three by Four cup of mango chunks which are also partially thawed (ensure that they are frozen and unsweeten)
      • Half cup of strawberries that are same as mango chunks above
      • A no-calorie packet of sweeter (e.g., Truvia)
      • 3 or 4 cubes of ice
      • Plain Greek Yogurt (make it certain that it is fat-free)
      • One by three cup raspberries
      • About one tablespoon sliced almonds
      • One tablespoon coconut (which is shred and sweet)

healthy smoothies for weight loss


Now, to make this smoothie, first of all, take a small bowl. Add about half cup water and stir the chia seeds.

Let the mixture be thick for about 5 minutes. Then shift that mixture into a blender. Then, Put the cucumber, mango, strawberries, sweetener and ice.

Start blending and keep the speed high and keep it going until you are not satisfy with it. Then shift it from your blender to a bowl. Add up yogurt and swirl it. Do topping with raspberries, coconuts, and almond.

smoothie recipes for weight loss

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Nutritional Perspective:

From the eye of a nutritionist, you are taking in a low-calorie smoothies for weight loss. Also, It has only 326 calories. 8g of fat and 73 mg of sodium along with about 51grams of carbs is also present.

Also aiding up your taste and body needs, the 11.5grams of fiber, 26grams of sugar and 16.5grams of protein is present in it. You can also find several weight loss shakes on our Facebook as well. 

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