Physical Excercise

Physical Exercise Makes Your Muscles Good

oblique-abdominal-exercises-l.jpg w=440&h=240&crop=1Any type of physical exercise is good if it makes your muscles work more than ever before. The heart is a muscle and benefits from a physical exercise just like other muscles in your body.
Physical exercise for Your Heart

Physical exercises that move the legs and arms are specially good for the heart. Such exercises include walking, running, swimming, bicycling and dancing. They involve stable, rhythmic movement of the legs and arms, and are called “aerobic” workouts. Regular aerobic workout conditions the heart to pump blood to the whole part of the body.

You should do mild to strong aerobic physical exercise for at least 40 mins 3 to 4 times a week. An excellent guideline: Work hard enough to gently breathe harder but still be able to continue to keep a conversation.

Physical exercise for Your Other Muscles

Stretching and also strengthening exercises keep muscles in good performing order. Muscles lose strength and flexibility as you become older. Common work become more difficult, like bending over to tie shoes or boots, opening a bottle, lifting a handbag of groceries or even getting away from a chair. When your muscles are not in good shape,  you’re more likely to lose your balance and fall. Strengthening workouts can also help boost your metabolism so you have more benefit out of your aerobic exercises and lose weight faster.

legexerciseHealthy grown ups generally don’t need to consult a health-care supplier before becoming physically active. However, if you have a chronic issue, your physician or healthcare provider should be able to assist you to plan an appropriate physical exercise program. Your physician can help you find a program best for your needs and wellbeing and may refer you to a formal heart rehabilitation program to assist you learn to be active securely. You may also require an exercise stress test before you become lively again.

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