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Lifting Weights For Women And Physical Exercise in 2020

If you take a look at physical fitness magazines for women you will find a large amount of tips for cardiovascular workouts, articles on firming certain body parts, and also weight training using mild dumbbells. The fact is that women should strength train just like males do for full body health and fitness. Sadly this message has not been widely spread, and females are missing out on this important factor of fitness.

Misconception about Women Weight Lifting

misconception about women weight lifting

The majority of females want to shed weight and be smaller. A popular misconception is that if they lift heavy weights they will become oversized like men. That could not be further from the truth, as due to human hormones and the way the bodies of men and women vary, it is a lot simpler for men to put on muscle. By raising heavier weights women will get some muscle definition but keep lean, except if they are using nutritional supplements specifically for that cause.

Women’s Struggle for Weight Lifting

Weight rooms can be intimidating areas for women, particularly if they are not familiar with proper form for workouts. They are often male dominated and females can feel alone and also self conscious if there are not some other women around. To stay away from possibly emotion uncomfortable females will just prevent the free weights and as an alternative use another part of the gymnasium, which is a shame. If there is much more information given to women about lifting heavy weights, they will really feel much more confident about joining in and not feeling alienated.

Benefits of Cardio, But It’s not the only Solution to Weight Reduction

This is not to say that cardio exercise does not have its advantages. It is ideal for your lungs and heart, can decrease the risk of diseases, and can improve blood cholesterol levels. Both people will benefit from aerobic workouts, but it should not be marketed as the only solution to weight reduction for women. By muscle building, more calories are burned over the course of each day and with a healthy diet plan, that can result in weight reduction. When starting any new workout, it is essential to consult your doctor about your plans to carry on. After that, where do you start?

Hiring a Fitness Trainer

a fitness trainer helping a women in lifting weight

Hiring a fitness trainer can be a big assist to women new to weight lifting. They will be able to monitor your form to be sure you are doing the workouts right, that is essential to assist in preventing injuries. They could also advise workouts that are ideal for your fitness level.

Facility of Online Classes

women strength training through online classes

Most people do not enjoy working out in public, in which case online is an excellent tool available to assist learn new workouts. There are many internet websites devoted to lifting weights that include detailed video clips made by experts to watch at your home. Especially if you are working out alone, it is essential to keep the weights mild when trying a workout for the first time. Once you are familiar with the right form you can add more weight.


Many reasons exist women have shied away from lifting heavy weights, but that should no longer be the case. It is time to ignore the media and also instead concentrate on becoming powerful. For full body health and fitness, both males and females should add weight training into their workout routines.

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