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How to Squeeze Fitness Training into a Busy Life


Fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle is not easy. As a result, we make excuses for why we can’t make it to the gym or find the time to sign up for the Hit 180 fitness class we fancied trying. Everyone does it. However, as the experts keep reminding us: fitness needs to be a priority if we want to stay healthy and well. So how is it even possible to fit exercise into our day when we have work and family commitments to fulfil?

Making time for exercise is more than finding a free slot in your diary. Instead, it is about making a lifestyle change and deciding that your health and wellness is worth sacrificing a small amount of time for every other day. Luckily, there are ways to make it easier to fit exercise in, even if you are working long hours and have family commitments.




Make a Workout Schedule

It is difficult to make time for exercise if you are disorganized. Creating a schedule will help remind you when you need to work out. Think of fitness as just another task to complete in your day. Would you cancel a meeting if you overran on a previous task? No, you would just get on with it. Exercise is no different. Prioritize it and you will reap the rewards.



Credit: Women’s Health

Sign Up for a Fitness Challenge

We all need motivational goals – some people more so than others do. Signing up for a fitness challenge and telling all and sundry you are doing this amazing thing is an excellent way to force your hand. Nobody likes to be a quitter. It is embarrassing to say you have given up on a challenge, especially if people have sponsored you to complete it. So put your name down for a charity run, cycle or triathlon – raising money for a good cause is a great motivational tool.

Smart Exercising

Exercising smart means working out in small doses or doing exercise that doesn’t really feel like exercise. For example, try some of the following:

  • Walk or cycle to work – Instead of driving to the office, leave a bit earlier and bike instead. Alternatively, if you catch the bus, hop off one stop earlier and walk the final bit.
  • Run with kids or pets – The dog needs a walk, so take him for a run. You can buy special harnesses for jogging with pets. This keeps them safe while you run. There are also special buggies designed for parents so they can jog while pushing a baby.


desk workout



  • Housework fitness training – Incorporate fitness training into your housework routine. There are many inspirational videos on YouTube, so check them out.
  • Desk workouts – Download a desk workout app and get fit while you work. It has to be better than working!

You really have no excuse not to do some exercise. Even ten minutes of high intensity training three or four times a week is better than doing nothing. It will do wonders for your mind and body!

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