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Stomach ache cure

How to maintain your stomach healthy in harsh summer

There are certain things that you have to adjust if you are looking forward to maintaining the health of your stomach. Dr. Agkop Avakian is a well-known doctor who is serving currently at the Saudi German Hospital as the specialist gastroenterologist. He has guided about certain ways through which you can stay hydrated. Plus there are great benefits of stocking your fridge with yogurt that you will find out in this article.

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The effect of hot weather of your gut

The summer puts an enormous burden on the body of living beings. Some our body parts struggle against this hard weather. The rate of metabolism varies, and it becomes hard for us to digest the things that contain a high amount of fat. Thus, the heartburn and indigestion problems become familiar. The bacteria also impact the functioning of our body in this season.Stomach ache cure—————————  Can banana help you with stomach ache? —————————–

Advice to keep your stomach healthy

In the months of summer, people must consume meals that are low in fat. The drinking of fluid (water, etc.) should be safe and never stop your exercise.

The stomach problem and your location

The people from Northern Europe and the Anglo-Saxon areas are more affected by this issue. On the other hand, the intolerance of lactose is common to Arabs, Asians, and the Mediterranean people.

Stomach ache cure

The high levels of sodium and summer drinks

There are many people that we found were too much concerned about the thigh levels of sodium in the water. These are called electrolytes and are essential for our body to keep it functioning correctly. Drinking the boiled water in summer which is also rich in sodium is not considered as a harmful thing. However, this does not apply to drinking it in winter.

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How to stay properly hydrated?

If you think that drinking much water will help you in staying totally hydrated, you are wrong. It depends a lot on the quality of water that you are consuming. If you add up a bit of salt or sugar in your water, it will become richer in minerals, and you will be able to enjoy a healthy and hydrating drink.

Stomach ache cure

How much you get hydrated by detox, juicing, etc.?

There is no proper scientific evidence that these things work but still people use them widely. S It why many people believe that it helps a lot. However, individual elements are there in these drinks which can harm your health.

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Should you consume probiotics regularly?

The Probiotics are known as “good bacteria” and are used in making gastroenterology medicines. There is evidence found according to which it is stated that these can be helpful in the treatment of stomach problems. Other studies are also being made according to which there is a slight indication that it may help in the treatment of some heart problems and certain cancers.

Stomach ache cure

Other sources to balance the intestinal flora

The most appropriate food is yogurt. Try to consume the unprocessed yogurt. It contains good bacteria. So have it particularly in your breakfast and if possible in lunch as well.


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