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How to install fiberglass pool design

There are a lot of designs available in the category of fiberglass pools. Many sizes and shapes can be purchased that comes with endless benefits of these pools. The main reason behind choosing these pools is that it can adapt to any kind of environment and offers a lot of fun. The installation of this pool is really simple but the person needs to make necessary adjustments with reasonable skills to make it work properly. The job can be done in best way by following the points mentioned below.

Deciding the site

First of all, deciding about the site of installing fiberglass pool should be decided. The place should be considered where the ground is leveled. All the dimensions should be measured and record is made to have ease. The tape can be used to mark the appropriate amount of area.


After the selection of site, the process of digging takes place. The area for placing the pool should be dug. The best way is to dig holes on the place to fit the pool. The gap in holes should be filled with sand. The soft surface and versatility will help a lot in carrying the weight of pool. This digging should be then leveled with the dimensions that were marked before to have the right amount of area for adjusting the pool.

Placement of pool

The placement can be done in two ways. Either the company itself provide help in fitting the pool or the person should install it manually. The equipments should be lifted in a way that it fit into the base as well as holes. The quality should be even by taking different readings. This will make installation perfect and on the right place.

Installation of pump

The hole is made on one side of the pool so that the pump can fit in on that place. Proper instructions are provided to help in fitting the pump at right place. Even after the installation of pump, the drainage should be helped by spreading the shingle or gravel.

Filling water

This is the last step in the installation of a fiberglass Blue Haven Pools. After filling the pool with water, some chemicals or water agents should be added depending on the calculation chart of pool. The base should be settled for about 25 to 35 hours before using it. the drainage should also be checked properly.

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