How I Won the Fight over My Depression

Here Complete Tips How get Rid From My Depression

reliefe-headcheI am one of those people that took heavy anti-depression drugs for years, with little to no effects. For me, my despression symptoms has been a debilitating problem that caused me to do nothing, and practical experience virtually no life at all. Right after spending years of following the doctor’s suggestions, I finally took the issue into my own hands, and change my entire life for the better. This is how I have won my fight over my depression.

For well over a decade, I suffered with ongoing depression. There were times when it was more serious than others, but it was always there. I experienced the sensation inside me of full emptiness, and being all alone. The helplessness I experienced was intense, and it seemed as though nothing I would ever do could ever make myself personally feel better again.  It started when I was a kid, and my parents took me to the physician to find out what was wrong.

The physician said I had clinical major depression, and immediately put me on anti-depression drugs. The results was not good. I experienced more depressed than ever before, and seriously wanted to stop taking the medication altogether.  I started researching online of other methods of curing depression and found that I could take good steps to alter my behavior and how my body responded to the surroundings, and the foods I eaten. Living at home with family members, it was difficult to change my diet plan, but I started becoming very picky on whatever I put in my mouth.

I began exercising every day without fail. I 1st began walking just a couple of kilometers, and found it to be very challenging. Over time I was walking 6 kilometers a day, and was losing a lot of excess weight. I was soon mild enough that I could start running, without damaging my joints. Getting slimmer, I was feeling much better about myself and certainly much less depressed.  Because I was slimmer, feeling better and certainly had more strength, I was attracting more individuals to my social circle.

I was gatherings new friends that wished to hang out around me because I was pleased all the time. I recognized that it had been quite a long time since I was experiencing depressed, and would only fall back into that sensation when someone would say a few offhanded remark, or try to make me feel poor about myself.  I notice that their ill words, directed as a knife to my heart, were just their own reaction of their low confidence. I created a shield around myself that guarded me from the further impact of their severe words and ill emotions. In time, I was able to totally defend against the outside forces and my internal feelings that had caused me to create my own levels of depressive disorders.

I am now in a mind-set where my depression has disappeared. There are still times that I feel poor, but I do not really feel depressed. I realize that I have handle over my actions and thoughts, and certainly the thoughts that I generate in my head. My fight with my depression is finally over and I am living a more happy and healthier life.

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