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Hair Restoration Practices| Some Easy Ways

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Hair loss is very natural phenomenon occurs in men and women. It is also called alopecia and is the primary concern for every person these days. Hair adds Natural beauty to human beings. Hair loss affects people of all ages whether male or female. Many factors affect hair loss including genetics and several other including, underactive thyroid gland, hormonal imbalance, insufficient scalp circulation, and nutrition deficiencies. Hair fall increases with age i.e. diameter of hair shaft reduces. One primary culprit of hair loss is a hormonal imbalance. According to research, increased level of 5-alpha reductase cause increased sebum production in the scalp. There are many tonics, supplements and creams available in the market for the treatment hair loss. In women, other causes may be menopause, vitamin deficiencies. People who are bald, to overcome the confidence level go for many treatments and medications.


Hair transplant:

Hair transplant


Many people around the globe go for hair transplant. What people think of the best hair loss option is the hair transplant. This is an advanced and scientific technique for hair restoration. Hair transplant is the type of surgery in which hair are moved to the place of thin hair or no hair. Surgeon cleans the scalp and medicine are injected to numb the back of the head. Two methods are opted i.e. follicular strip unit surgery and follicular unit extraction. Depending on the size of hair transplant, one can go for another treatment in case of hair loss or to go for thicker hair.  


Hair restoration by hair transplant is expensive. It can help many to bring back full hair or more hair than being bald. The cost of hair transplant is different for many reasons. It is expensive no doubt and can also be just too wasting money with no outcomes. Doctor in this regard will be more helpful and can guide in his initial consultation that you should go for hair transplant or not. Some doctor say baldness treatment via surgery is not the desired one for hair re-growth; some medication can also be done for hair growth. Surgery is a time-consuming approach as well as costly. Sometimes one session is enough for hair transplant, but it depends on attaining a reasonable density. Usually surgical method is considered a permanent method of hair restoration, not only in Pakistan but around the world.

Hair transplant can also be done by laser treatment. Laser light promotes proteins synthesis that is needed to grow hair. It also encourages blood flow toward the areas of better growth. Specialists recommend this method for men.

In spite of hair transplant, desired results do not occur sometimes. It is better to go for natural methods to get rid of this issue i.e. Hair Restoration By Natural Remedies.


Natural Remedies to Restore Hair:

natural remedies for Hair transplant:

Acquiring nutrients from and minerals from the food we eat is the best source to get bright hair. Best diet plays integral role in attaining healthy hair. A protein present in food strengthens hair and promotes hair growth. It is mainly acquired from beans and dairy products.

Omega 3 fatty acids present in nuts, flaxseeds, walnuts, seeds, fish, avocado and eggs help nourishes scalp and reduces its inflammation prevents hair fall.  Oats, brown rice and nuts contribute biotin; which is essential for scalp and hair health.


Hair protein keratin is necessary for hair health. Methyl-sulfonyl-methane aids keratin production that in turn promotes hair growth and reduce hair fall. According to a study, people who used MSM supplements have shown increased hair growth and reduced hair fall in only six months.

B-complex vitamins are necessary for rejuvenating the hair follicles. A daily dose of 100 mg of B-complex includes vitamin B6 and biotin that increase scalp circulation and help stop poor hair growth.

One important element for hair growth is collagen fibers that are attained from natural food. Collagen surrounds hair strands making them stronger, but aging cause breaking of it making hair vulnerable. Vitamin C is essential for the body to produce collagen. Citrus fruits, red peppers, and strawberries are its best source. Other best supporting agent for hair is vitamin E. it helps to nourish damaged hair. Furthermore, food rich in iron is very essential; figs, molasses, cashews, leeks, berries and green leafy vegetables contain iron.


Other natural remedies include natural essential oils. Traditional hair fall treatment is natural oils e.g. rosemary oil, coconut oil, mustard oil. Oil application is best to reduce hair fall and to increase scalp circulation.

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