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Five healthy food alterations in your summer meals

The summer is almost on and it is the season in which people usually gets stomach problems. This is why we are always looking forward to eating as much healthy as much we possibly can. On the other hand, no one is willing to give up his or her favorite meals or snacks. So the problem becomes even bigger. Here you will find a solution to this problem. You will be guided about the alterations that you can make to enjoy the taste as well as avoid the foods that may harm your health.

  1. Crisps > Kale Crisps

The first alteration that you must make is turning yourself from crisps to kale crisps. The crisps are considered as empty calories and its number varies according to the way these are cooked. So if you keep consuming these, you may become overweight. On the other hand, the kale crisps are considered healthier and they supply vitamin A and C along with calcium to aid our body functions.

calories in kale crisps

  1. Low-fat salad Dressing > Olive Oil with Garlic and Lemon

The low-fat salad dressing is done to add up to the taste. Along with the addition of taste, you are also adding up the sugar, artificial flavors and additives in your diet. If you switch onto the olive oil with garlic and lemon juice, you will be supplied with the vitamin benefits of lemon juice. The garlic possesses the anti-inflammatory properties and you will also enjoy the health advantages supplied by olive oil.

calories in lemon

These are one of the best Healthy lunch Ideas

  1. White rolls and burger buns > Wholemeal bread

The summer brings some things with itself and barbecue is one of them. Along with the barbecue, you will get the white rolls and burger buns to enjoy the complete taste. These two things consist of simple carbohydrates which do not contain fiber and nutrients in good amount. Switching to the wholemeal bread will ensure the supply of fiber and other healthy nutrients to your body. This will also keep you fuller for more time.

calories in wholemeal bread


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  1. Croutons > Nuts and Seeds

The croutons are crunchy and tasty, but they are also high in calories. The necessary nutrients supply is also absent if you consume the croutons. So moving to the nuts and seeds will be considered as a vital source of unsaturated fats that helps your body to utilize completely the nutrients that you have taken in. It also serves as the solute for vitamins A, D, E and K.

calories in nuts

  1. Ice-Cream > Frozen yogurt

Ice cream is, no doubt, a widely consumed item in summers. It is really tasty and there is no question of this fact. However, these are too much high in fat and also supply a great amount of sugar. If you add up some nuts and do some fresh fruit topping on frozen yogurt, you will be delighted with the taste. Also, you will be served by good bacteria which will aid in the proper working of your gut.

Calories in an ice cream


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