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How To Get Rid of Bloating Fast; Essential Remedies


There are much more remedies that helps to get rid of bloating fast. Are you interested to know about that? It’s happened to us all at some point in our lives.

For the life of me, I don’t know why it always has to happen at the most embarrassing situations! Cruel irony I guess.

But in all honestly – it’s a pain to live with; cramps, belching, diarrhea, shortness of breath and lower back pain. These are just a few of the side-effects.

Okay just face it; we all suffer from gas and bloating. No, don’t giggle. That’s common and happens to everyone. Okay, a little giggle is okay.

Well, that’s totally fine. It’s a disease, and you have every right to research on it to get better and to keep yourself away from awkward situations that you have to face due to it.

So below mentioned are few ways by which you can learn how to get rid of bloating fast and gas.

However, These nasty gases build up in our intestines, pushing against the delicate lining which leads to all symptoms mentioned above.

Get Rid of Bloating Fast; Triggers may include:

  • constipation,
  • peptic ulcers,
  • anorexia,
  • anxiety,
  • smoking,
  • water retention,
  • trapped air,
  • overeating,
  • indigestion,
  • premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • menopause
  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

But Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve. These otherwise innocent, natural ingredients that crop up in everyday lives, you can get on track to a gas-free life!

Fancy a cuppa, guv?

Ah the illustrious cup of tea – the cornerstone of the refined British gentleman. But herbal teas are the way to go when tackling those intestinal bothersome gases.

However, The best method is to allow ten minutes for the herb to infuse fully in the hot water to squeeze out every last drop of goodness. Finally, sit back and sip away to your heart’s content.

Peppermint Tea:

It has always been famous from ancient times for soothing the gas pains and all major sorts of stomach aches. Undoubtedly, Peppermint/Mint Tea really gets to work on those internal muscular spasms.

Moreover, It will ease those pains, clear your mind and help you relax. The key? Menthol. It is a strong antispasmodic which wastes no time in relieving the smooth muscles of your digestive tract.

Also, It calms the nerves. A healthy mind and digestive system will surely keep those bloated blues away!get rid of bloating

However, You need to take a cup of peppermint tea after dinner or before going to sleep to keep your stomach working properly and free from gas and bloats. Indeed, This is one of the ways to get rid of bloating fast. 

Do not hold it:

If you are terribly bloated, and you are in a certain crowd where letting it go will be too bad, and you are planning to keep it control, and then my dear friend, you don’t need to do that. DO NOT hold it for a long time. Letting it go is more appropriate for your health.

Moreover, You better move to someplace alone and take a deep breath and let it go. Also, The air at any cost needs to come out in any possible way because if you will keep it in making is build up more and more it will get worse and worse. 


This humble little root renowned for its flavor has recently been touted for its various therapeutic properties – from Alzheimer’s disease to nausea from chemotherapy.

And yes – a cure for those stomach pangs. On consumption, two chemicals release and work respectively to soothe the digestive lining and ease inflammation. Aslo, It acts as a carminative, ie: prevents the build-up of those nasty gases.


Cut fresh slices and pop them into your mug. Add a little bit of sugar/honey to stir things up. Then pour over hot water – not boiling. Then leave it to infuse for at least 10 minutes and enjoy!

For the adventurous lot, grate the root and have a nibble throughout the day. Like this Article? Share with Friends on Facebook

Chamomile Tea:

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Chamomile Tea is a great choice. Where peppermint gets to work on gases, Chamomile attacks the problem from all angles.

Also, It soothes the intestine walls, works as an inflammatory and resolves problems with indigestion and heartburn. Finally, A clear all-rounder for how to get rid of bloating fast !


And finally the pretty Anise seed. Not only does it relax your digestive muscles, it gets to work on those gases and eliminating them from your system. Spoilt for choice! Try each one and see which suits you.

Get Rid of Bloating Fast; Warm Lemon Water:

Warm water already gets a big fat positive tick for health fanatics out there. It ousts out harmful toxins whilst keeping you hydrated.

Squeeze out a helpful helping of lemon juice to the mix and hey presto – you have yourself a great cocktail of vitamins and minerals which directly help with digestion.

water lemon

Furthermore, the lemons trigger the production of more acid in your stomach. High acid levels means better breakdown of food.

Get Rid of Bloating Fast; Crunch Time:

A real classic – caraway seeds have long been noted as a curative for trapped gas. The earliest record of its use is the Middle ages in UK! Just pop a teaspoon of whole caraway seeds in your mouth and chomp away.

Moreover, The released juices get to work on eradicating unwanted gas out of your system. You know what they say – better out than in! Not the most sophisticated option compared to sipping down herbal but effective nonetheless.

However, Fennel seeds works in the same way as Caraway. A generous pinch of Fennel seeds will really help your digestive system moving.

A cup of Pumpkin a day keeps flatulence away!

If pumpkin isn’t a big ingredient in your diet, you might want to change that. Pumpkin has numerous vitamins that work actively to help your digestive system. 


Pumpkin Chopped

Moreover, Just add a cup of chopped pumpkin to your normal diet. Anything that can help goes a long way in the struggle against the bloat!

Final Note:

So there you have it. No need to suffer in silence or down a whole bunch of pills. Also, These natural remedies are a great way to solve ongoing digestive problems. But through conscious eating, you can opt for a preventive approach to the problem.

However, Careful diet, good eating habits and stress-free lifestyle are great steps to rerouting intestine gas out of your life. And in severe cases, we recommend you consult your doctor.

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