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How Calories in a Banana Can Help You Live a Better Life


Check out how calories in a banana help you in loosing weight and getting a good tone of your body. It is one of multi-purpose fruits that are used all around the world. People eat banana for both weight loss  and muscle gain purposes.

The fruit is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Let us take a look it’s caloric value.

Calories in a Banana; Various factors:

There are some factors should considered before counting the nutrition of banana.


Ripe/ Unripe


Once you realize what the total banana calories are, making delicious meals with limited nutrition becomes easier.

Usually a ripe banana contains 1 Calorie/Gram but somehow a major variation is shown in the following table


Size/ Form oz length Calories
Baby Size Small 1.9   48
Extra Small 2.9 5” 73
Small 3.5 6’ 89
Medium 4.2 7” 105
Large 4.8 8” 121
Extra Large 5.4 9” 137
Cup (Slices) 5.3   134
Cup (Mashed) 7.9   200
Simple 1   25



Calories in a banana


Calories in a banana

No significant Cholesterol Value. Also suitable for the people having diabetes


How Many Calories in a Banana | Food for Health:

For all the banana lovers you will fall in love all over again with bananas after reading these healthy facts and for all the non lovers it will not be easy for you to stay away anymore by the end of the article for it is going to help you in quite a lot of ways.

The whole perception of banana will be changed and you no longer will see it the same way. The bananas are considered to be so rich in nutrients that you cannot ignore.

And what else can be better as a cure than the nature itself. Bananas have medicinal properties in them which helps to not only maintain health but also acts as a cure to whole lot of illness.

Calories 105
Carbohydrates 27 G
Energy 439 KJ
Total Fat 0.4 Grams (0.1 saturated)
Other Nutrients  
Dietary Fiber 3.1 grams
Cholesterol 0%
Sodium 1 mg
Sugars 14.4 grams
Protein 1.3 grams
Calcium 5.9 grams
Potassium 422.4 grams
Vitamins Daily Value
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 14%
Iron 1%
Vitamin B-6 20%


Well yes when it comes to banana it contains all, the vitamins like B6, vitamin C, minerals, fibers, potassium, biotin, copper, manganese, tryptophan and so.

Useful benefits of bananas:

Following are some of the very useful benefits of bananas to avoid several diseases:

1- May Cure Depression:

Banana contains tryptophan in them which is further converted to serotonin. Serotonin is neurotransmitter which is known to be present in the central nervous system and is biochemically derived from tryptophan.

It contributes in reducing the depression since it enhances the feelings of well-being, liveliness and happiness in a person.


Imperial College of London conducted a study where they found that children having one banana a day had 34% less chance to fall victim of asthma.

3-Good For Heart:

The fact that banana contains high potassium and low sodium in them helps to prevent from having cardiovascular issues, blood pressure and hence can reduce the risk of heart stroke.


As well as, Bananas contain Vitamin B in them which proves to be healthy for metabolism and reduces the risks of type 2 diabetes and also produces white blood cells to fight against various illness.


As we all know bananas are a good source of dietary fiber which regulate the digestion speed. Moreover it contains a substance named as pectin which makes the banana a digestion friendly fruit and hence normalizes bowel motility.


During diarrhea a person feels weak upon losing electrolytes like potassium hence intake of banana restores the lost potassium.

7-Gives Stronger bones:

Also, Having calcium in excess makes the banana best to keep your bones strong. So if you are suffering through weak bones than have a bite of banana to get your energy back.

8-Sharp brain:

In addition, High levels of potassium in banana makes a person smart and alert. So if you are feeling dizzy at work or you have got your exams next day than have some bananas before proceeding.


Now that you all are well aware of the benefits of the question how many calories does a banana have? so now I am quite sure that you all will love to know different ways in which you can use this healthy fruit. 

So here we go with some quick, delicious and healthy banana recipes which you can try at home easily.

1-Banana Ice Cream:
So what you need to do to get this delicious ice cream is to have few bananas, Milk, sugar, toppings and cream if desired.


Take few bananas of medium length. Chop into small pieces and put in the refrigerator for about an hour or until they get freeze.

Once they are fully freeze pour them into the food processor accompanying them with milk (condensed milk can be used to enhance the taste even more) and blend until it turns into a creamy mixture.

You can also add cream to it if desired. Add sugar to your taste and top it with toppings of your choice. You can go for peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts and so.

2-Banana Fruit Smoothie:

Banana smoothie is a sweet beverage which can freshen you up in no time to get to work actively.

Calories in a banana



All you need to do is to blend 2 chopped bananas with 1 tablespoon of honey, yogurt milk and malt. Blend until smooth and yes it is all ready to go.

Note: You can adjust honey according to the taste. And you can also add peanut butter to give it more delicious taste.

3-Bananas Foster Parfaits:

It is a desert which will surely please a person of any age. So try it out this morning and let everyone enjoy this amazingly tempting desert.

Banana Foaster Parfaits


Take 3 medium sized bananas and cut them into small pieces. Take a non-sticky pan and add 5 tablespoons of brown sugar, 2 table spoons of unsweetened apple juice, 1 table spoon of butter and cook them until the mixture starts boiling.

Add bananas to the mixture and cook until they get soft. Take a glass and fill it half with Greek yogurt. Pour the banana mixture onto it evenly and top it with pecans or walnuts.

4-Chicken Banana Salad:

It is something that no one of us can ignore. This mouthwatering salad is tempting for all age groups and can be used in breakfast, with lunch, in brunch or at night with the meal.

Also, With taste it gives the required energy or a boost to the day and keeps you healthy.

Chicken Banana salad


Take a boneless breast piece of chicken. Then take a pan and add a pinch of salt to it, water, paste of garlic and ginger and then add chicken into the pan and boil. Once the chicken gets boiled properly take it off from the stove and crush it into very small pieces.

Then take a bowl and add milky cream to it and beat it until it gets smooth. Chop the bananas into small round pieces and add them into the bowl also mix the crushed chicken into the bowl.

To make it fruitier you can also accompany this salad with other fruits like pomegranate, grapes, apples and mangoes. Also you can add macaroni’s into it.

Additional step:

To add macaroni’s the additional step which is required is only to boil them to soft. For that take a pan with water in it and put it on the stove.

Once the water reaches to boil add the macaroni’s into it and a pinch of salt to the pan. Once the macaroni’s gets boiled take them off from the stove and put it into the bowl with banana, chicken, cream and other fruits if desired.

Some Common Questions Related to How Many Calories In A Banana?

Can Low Potassium Cause Foot Cramps?

Cramps can be annoying to say the least. One possible reason for it is low potassium levels. The potassium is just one of the elements which keeps water levels in balance which affects electrolyte levels. So if you’re low on electrolytes – be ready for – CRAMP!

Nutritional Content of Bananas  

A medium banana packs a punch of about 105 calories. Out of that you have carbohydrates (97.4%), fats (0.4 grams )and proteins. It’s a bundle of fber, starch, sugars and fatty acids – the good ones ofcourse!

Health Benefits of Green Bananas:

Bananas are yellow – just as the world is flat. but when you hear about the benefits, you might want to go green. First you either boil them or fry them, depending on your taste buds. Then get ready for the goodness:

  • 1 cup of boiled green banana makes up 14% of fiber from your recommended diet!
  •  Green bananas help your intestines to soak up more nutrients for your body
  •  Just as high in potassium – 1 cup of boiled green banana can have 531mg of potassium
  •  Green bananas have Resistant Starch which does wonders for your digestion system.
  •  Makes you feel fuller
  •  Proven to help people with Type II Diabetics
  •  And our favorite – burns fat faster!

Bananas & Neck Pain  

How does that combination even work? Well – lets break it down. Neck pain is effectively strained muscle and the general science behind strained muscle is low electrolytes. Bananas are jam-packed with potassium which is a clever little element which gets those electrolytes moving again. So, eat a banana and throw out that neck massager!

How Often Should I Eat Bananas?  

Anything in excess is bad for you but here the rule of thumb is – a banana a day keeps the doctor away. Sorry apple.

Does Eating Bananas Help Release Leg Cramps?   

Well the science is solid but in all actuality, it generally does work. However,  The problem is cramps can occur for a whole host of reasons. But it’s always a good idea to give it a go because bananas have high potassium that helps your body control electrolyte and water levels throughout which tend to be related to cramps.

Do Bananas Give You Gas or Constipation?  

This is an interesting myth but how much truth is in it? The riper your banana, the less pectin which will ultimately lower your chances of constipation. So, next time you reach out for a banana, check again that it’s ripe as can be and chomp away freely!

How to Puree Bananas

Find ripe bananas – not too hard and not too mushy but just right. Peel your bananas, chop off the stem ends and then slice the bananas up. Then just drop them into the blender.

If you are looking for a thinner consistency, then add a drop of milk, cream or water – whatever your preference. Blend, blend, blend and voila! Banana puree on the menu.

How to Make Bananas Last Longer:

From when they are cut from the tree, bananas start to release a natural gas which ripens bananas and any fruits around. So first up, separate bananas from your fruit basket.

Then take each banana separately and wrap the stem in plastic cling film. This really works! There are other methods but this is the less bothersome.

Why Do Bananas Cause a Stomach Ache?

Also, It is surprising when it happens and it takes many people a long time to realize the culprit is the innocent banana. But there are generally three reasons why this happens.

  1. Allergy

Indeed, Bananas have similar properties to ragweed pollen. So if you suffer from hay fever, chances are you will get a slight allergic reaction

  1. Fructose Intolerance

Most fruit are high in fructose and if you feel cramps after having bananas, you may well be fructose intolerant.

  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

If you are a victim, then steer clear of bananas. Bananas break down in your gut and release gasses that will push against the intestine walls and cause discomfort in people suffering from IBS

  1. Raw vs Ripe

Raw bananas have high pectin levels which cause constipation and general digestive discomfort.

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