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Breakfast Smoothies that are healthy and easy to make


If you are looking forward to having a smoothies breakfast, the following are certain things that you should add up to it to make it healthy.

If you think that your average sugary smoothie is a replacement for your breakfast meal, you are thinking wrong.

There is different between the smoothie recipe for weight loss and the one that is worthy enough to replace the breakfast.

Breakfast Smoothies; Fruits:

The fruits are considered as a great boost for your health. Different foods come along with the variable benefits (Some suggestions by Health®) .

Along with their benefits, their taste also varies. Add up the food according to your taste, preferably cherries, peach slices, mangoes, and berries.

Ensure that they are not sweetened. They can be part of your smoothie diet. 

Smoothies for weight loss
Breakfast Smoothies; Greens:

Greens, or what we can say veggies, are a great way to make your smoothies heavier and healthier. They are serving you just a few calories but also adding up the valuable fiber in your smoothie.

If you are not a habitual veggie smoothie drinker, then you can start it off by adding up the mild ones.

You may like to add up cucumber or spinach that is highly refreshing. Mint is also consider a cooling factor in your smoothies.

Calories in cucumber

The Greek yogurt, which is free of fat, does not only adds up the creamy texture in your drink but also throws in the bulk of the protein.

The tartness of this yogurt is great to balance the sweetness of the fruit that you are adding to your drink.

Protein powder, such as vanilla protein powder, can also be used. If you are opting for such thing, look up for the one with calories no more than 100 per serving.

calories in greek yogurt

If you are adding up the sugary juice or other beverage that comes with a lot of calories, this means that you are ruining your smoothie.

The health factor of the smoothie will highly be affected by this sort of addition. Therefore, avoid using these. Mostly, water is enough for your smoothie.

If you are looking forward to adding up the creamy touch, you may like to use the unsweetened vanilla almond milk or any other similar thing available to you. You must be looking for Smoothie Plan to Lose Weight.


Once you have made your smoothie according to the things listed above, you may not need to add up any sweetener.

So taste before you are going to add any sweetener. If you feel its need, you may like to add natural ones like stevia that is also considered as no-calorie.


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