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Restore Lost Hair

Best Hair restoration for men with baldness


Hair loss affects almost 50% of men by the time they reach the age of fifty, and there are numerous products to combat loss of hair. There are many How to restore lost hair solutions to this condition and some are more effective than others, so let’s examine the different treatments available.


Restore lost Hair medication

There are medicines that claim to reduce or even reverse the hair loss process, yet most have been proven to be ineffective. Of all the tablets on the market, only prescribed medication has a proven success rate, and are the only medicines clinically approved to treat hair loss. If prescribed by a doctor, the success rate, according to clinical trials, to be as high as 90%. If you are looking for hair loss medication, Grow Compare by Lloyds Pharmacy is a reputable online hair loss specialist that can provide you with safe solutions.


How to restore lost hair


Ways to Restore Lost Hair


This tablet contains the active ingredient finasteride, which can prevent and possibly reverse hair loss. It works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which is a known cause of hair loss, and should be taken daily. Men should see results after three months of continued use, although it can take longer. For this reason, you should not become discouraged if the results are not forthcoming, but should there be no improvement after twelve months, it is unlikely to be effective.


Minoxidil (Regaine)

Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator medication, which can slow or stop hair loss. It comes in a foam or lotion base, and should be applied daily to the affected area. Around 40% of users report regenerated hair growth after at least two months of continued use. It is now an over the counter medication in the UK.


Shampoos and lotions

While they might improve the general health of hair, there is no substantial evidence that they can treat hair loss. Some lotions have been found to promote increased growth in balding areas, but the treatment must be ongoing and if application is stopped, the hair loss returns.

restore lost hair tips and tricks


Hair transplant surgery

Although the most expensive option, hair transplant surgery has more than a 90% success rate. Advances in follicle extraction technology (FUE) means that healthy hair follicles can be transplanted from a donor site, which is usually at the back of the scalp, and then implanted to the recipient site. The healthy hair will continue to grow, offering a permanent solution to hair loss. It is a time consuming process and requires a skilled surgeon to complete the process, hence it can be quite costly. Having said that, the high success rate, coupled with the rapid healing, offers a total solution to hair loss. It’s popularity with many sporting celebrities reflects the success of this innovative procedure, offering all the benefits of a healthy head of hair without the invasive procedures that transplant technology used to involve.



With all the above solutions, hair loss can easily become a thing of the past, and many men have rejuvenated their self-confidence by consulting the experts, who will advise you how best to treat your hair loss.


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