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A man who just got a beach body in days

Getting desired figure is important for everyone. Recently we have been receiving number of questions regarding guaranteed weight loss plans and how to get six pack abs. We always want to assist people. After replying to various questions, We have started publishing the motivational stories. The person whom story is being told is FHT AMBASSADOR, you can reach him through us or directly and we will arrange your guidance session with him. 


We we Mohamed with us. He is from Cairo, Egypt. He has just changed his body in days. In this feature you are going to see his before/ after body condition. Your comments are well appreciated and will be answered on priority basis. 

More about him:

My name is Mohamed (Medo Aquila), I’m 22 years old, I’m training fitness since i was 15th but in the first 6 years I wasn’t continuously go to the gym i was depending on street workout , some exercises at home & then the gym at summer vacancy .



Then form around one and half year i started to define my goals in this field and started to work on it ; like reading an articles , magazines , researches & watching movies about : fitness , fitness models & body building. What I got from all that or the most important thing and I’m working on it now that : the more you working on getting your goal as a life style no mater what any obstacles that will face you ; the more you are going to get out of it & be nearer by your goal.






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