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5 Avoiding High-Calorie Munching Foods


Being a movie lover doesn’t make you less fattening when you do not keep your popcorn consumption low. Those high-calorie munching foods like buttered pop-corns from the counter of a cinema are rich in calories.

High-Calorie Munching Foods:

Do you know in a single movie you take in almost 500 to 600 calories? Nachos in cheese in the darkness of cinema cancels the effect of all the workout you do. If you can get a sub, it’s the best option! Otherwise, go get some low caloric options.

If you are watching movies at home, then you should look up to the calories of what you are going to munch. Calories in a banana and calories in coffee is far way less that those typical snacks. 

 High-Calorie Munching Foods; Alternative:

If you are still a cereal lover, go for the one that is light in calories. Grab some favorite fruits this weekend and freeze them. The frozen pineapple will be awesome instead of those sweet candies! You can just enjoy the juicy frozen flavor instead of high caloric ice-creams.

Make a mix of Strawberries and pineapple, freeze them, sprinkle dark chocolate and serve them. Woah! What can be better than this for a 2-hour movie at home!

Calories in Pineapple                                  Calories in Strawberry

Caution for Snacks:

You can’t leave without munching while doing something or studying for long hours? Those vending machines full of Chips and Soda drinks are not going to satisfy your hunger. These are easy to grab and eat but high in fats.


Proteins are going to satisfy your hunger for long. Quest Bars are awesome options. Filled with nuts and essential herbs, will make you enjoy a delicious snack.

Nutrition Bars

Watch Your Drink:

It’s a foolish act to satisfy thirst with some Soda or Cola drink. These are not going to treat any of the dehydration issues.

Remember, drinks heavy in carbohydrates and sugars are not good for those who are looking up to loose fat. Although electrolytes and salts are something, that kills the dehydration.

Calories in cola drink                     Calories in fries


Zico 100 percent coconut water is enough for a body to be hydrated. If you do not like the taste, then go for a lemon drink with some black salt.

You are surely going to enjoy it. It will kill the unsaturated fats in the body. Make your favorite green tea and chill it for 3 to 4 hours. Now you must enjoy the sips and go for a guaranteed weight loss.

Calories in Coconut

The Satisfying eatables:

Just go for some of the Fiber based satisfying eatables!

Calories in ice cream           Calories in coffee

Foods with less sugar content and drinks like a coffee can help you a lot. You should just watch out for the calories in coffee before you order one.

Make sure it does not contain any extra flavor. Similarly, vegetables that are rich in fiber makes the digestion a bit slow. It results in the longer satisfaction of appetite.

Whereas the process foods and snacks are readily digested causing fat deposits inside the body.

Calories in vegetables

So your 4rth July Resolution must contain a Dietary Habit Development for your betterment.

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