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Calories in cranberries

5 Healthy Foods for adventurers that will keep them energetic for longer

The season of summer is on, and people are looking forward to moving out for adventures. The ones who love to do hiking and similar other adventures always look up for foods that are healthy. Not only the foods should be healthy but they also have to be light weight and balanced. They cannot carry too much weight in their backpacks, so they are always trying to find out what are different snacks that are dense in calories and are lightweight. Following are listed such foods that can also be used for Healthy Lunch Ideas.


Sasha: I don’t know why people think of being empty stomach.. I mean such healthy lunch ideas work for home and office 😉

  1. Beef Jerky

The beef jerky is a protein-rich food that can be made easily. There are just simple equipment required to make this delicious snack and are perfect for the ones who are heading for adventures. However, the making of beef jerky will take some time, so you have to be patient if you are looking forward to enjoying this delicious meal. All you require to make this food is a box fan, bungee cords, and the A.C filters.

Wait… Did you nutritionist told you to stay on low calories and avoid beef for a month? Well he is true up to some extent.. but you should know complete information about how Jerky beef helps us in low-diet..

Healthy lunch ideas for work

  1. Healthy 5-ingredient Granola Bars

Then the next snack for you, which has been consumed by the adventurers from years, is the healthy 5-ingredient granola bars. They are easy to carry and are a mixture of carbs and proteins. They can be kept in the freezer for months, and no cooking or baking is involved in the making of these tasty and healthy snacks.

Healthy lunch ideas

Did you know they can be the best healthy lunch ideas for work?

  1. No-Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Hiking for the whole day will make you feel exhausted. When you feel that you need something to get back the lost energy, reach out of these tasty bars.

Calories in protein bars

They are sweet flavored and as protein powder and chia seeds are included in it so this makes it a powerful snack for you. Thus, not only it will taste good but it will also satisfy your needs.

Looking for some other Healthy Lunch Ideas?

  1. Campfire popcorn satchels

People love to go on a camping trip in summer. To make them, you are in need of just a heavy-duty aluminum foil along with a string.

calories in popcorn

Think beyond movies.. Health fanatics love Popcorn like this girl.. lol!

The best thing about these is that you will not have the sticky fingers afterward. Just an old fashioned campfire popcorn popper will also do the trick for you.

  1. Super seedy trail mix with almonds, chia, and cranberries

The tasty mixture of fruits and nuts is loved by almost everyone and when you are adding up some seeds and chocolate, the taste is enhanced even more. There are a lot of different recipes that you will find for this mixture. So be careful while you are about to choose one as the ingredients may be same, but the taste may be different.

Calories in cranberries

The above are five delicious and healthy foods that you can eat while you are on an adventure. They are the lightweight that makes it easy to carry. Making them is also not too much difficult while the taste and nutrients supplied by them to you fulfills all your needs.

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