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10 healthiest foods that you should consume


There are countless foods that you get to eat these days. The top 10 healthiest foods are described here.

Some of them  are your favorite while the others are the ones that you may not like. Different foods are having various tastes.

However, They supply essential nutrients that help your body in working properly. Here are the 10 healthiest foods that you must consume.

10 healthiest foods:

  1. Banana:Calories in a banana

Bananas are use as a vital source of cardio-protective potassium and are also prebiotics that helps your body functioning.

They increase the absorption of calcium and also help in increasing the production of such chemicals that enhance the ability of your brain in tackling with the depression. Best Health Plans on Facebook.

  1. 10 healthiest foods; Raspberries:

If you are a regular consumer of raspberries that you are less likely to get ill. They help in the proper death of cells which is a much-needed function going on in your body.

It supplies such chemicals that aids the health of the heart and reduces the chances of obesity.


  1. Oranges:

The next healthy food is orange. It is  also consider as the most common and potential source of vitamin C and are highly require to disarm the free-radicals.

This can also be use as the protectors of cells and helps in maintaining a healthy immune system. The pith on your orange helps in lowering your cholesterol level as well.


calories in tangerine


This can also be consider as a form of a berry. Overall, oranges are more common as a source of vitamin C but this food contains more vitamin C as compared to an orange.

Vitamin E, antioxidant, fiber, potassium and other essential elements are also present in kiwis.

calories in a kiwi


  1. Pomegranates:

These contain vitamin C, potassium and other elements that are low in calories.

A serving of this food helps a person in consuming 50% of a whole day’s vitamin and along with that the poly phenols are also there for you. These also aids in the reducing of cancer risk.

Calories in a pomegranate

  1. Blueberries:

Blueberries consider as a natural source which contains a chemical anthocyanin.

This chemical helps in protecting the vision and lowers the sugar level that is present in your blood.

The memory of a person is also improved and mind is kept sharp.

Calories in a blueberry

  1. 10 healthiest foods; Grape Fruit:

Grapefruit is available to you in a number of different colors. Many people will not like it, but it is a healthy food.

Calories in grapefruit

 Rich with the nutrients and low in calories, this supports weight loss and aids the digestion. Clearing skin and supplying energy along with decreasing the risk of cardio diseases and cancer is its other benefits.

  1. Tangerines:

This is a little fruit loaded with the antioxidants and insoluble fiber. It helps a person in losing weight and reduces the risk of different diseases including the chronic eye diseases.calories in a orange

Studies have also shown that they may support a person in fighting with the heart problems.

  1. Avocado:

There are about 20 vitamins and minerals collectively present in this food. A lot of these are readily absorbed by the body. They supply saturated fats which help in the prevention of cardio diseases.

calories in avocado

  1. Tomatoes:

These are a powerhouse in concern with the nutrition. Lycopene is present in a good amount in tomatoes which serves as a weapon to fight against cancer.

Calories in a tomato

The DNA of our cells is also protected by the help of antioxidants present in this food.

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