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Fitness Rituals: No more ten tips to best health & Fitness Value

Leave the food on Work

Do you feel hungry at your workplace? According to research, people eat more when they are on work as compared to a normal routine. It might seem weird, but it’s true. The thing is, we develop a hunger for things we do not need. Eating in small portions without knowing nutritional value can be harmful for you. Those snacks in attractive and catchy wrappers are just going to be weight gain for you. So in short take the food at proper times and do not keep munching at work!

It’s similar to what people write on internet i.e. calories in banana before having it.

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Learn to say I Can’t instead of I don’t

Did you remember the last time when friends invited you to a Pizza party, and you said no? Well, it’s difficult. About 75% of the Americans facing obesity do not know how to avoid fast food when their friends are having a party. The typical attitude of saying “I don’t eat because I am having low diet” does not work anymore. Psychologists are of the view that “I Don’t” impact is far away less than “I can’t”. Whenever some mate offers you high-calorie food, always say “I can’t” In this way people will find no reason to convince you to eat high calorie food.

No to fast food

Plan to get rid of the Dadbod

Belly fat is never fun. According to research, the belly fat is common in two people. One who are an athlete and other who are old. Are you just surprised with the association of belly fat and an athlete? Yes! You probably do not know that if you are lifting what muscle is growing in your belly. So just get rid of the Dadbod and make a comeback to Fitbod.

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You should go for a weight loss program which have got a calories observation. No matter what diet you take but the thing that matters the most is observation. Make a calorie chart and see how many calories you require according to age. Start eating smartly rather than just attacking the food. It is one of the ways through which you will say a goodbye to dadbod!

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Fitbod dadbod

Are you aware of what is a smart run?

Are you the one who goes for a sprint in 2 minutes and then go take rest? No! That’s not a really good way. Just take a look how running is going to affect your figure, health, and fitness. Some people even run with a speed of 10 km/h, but they have no effect on weight loss. The reason is the wrong approach. If you are one facing this problem, then you probably need to change running pattern.

Go with your Gears

How many gears do you have? Lol. No, it is not the car transmission system. It’s about how different patterns of running or walk you have. According to a research, normal human being have got three gears. One is slow, one is brisk run, and the last one is a fast run. One must do a combination of three. Doing a fast run for two minutes and then going on rest for 15 minutes is the most discouraging approach by fitness professionals.


How cardio can define your fitness level?

Most of the treadmills tell your heart rate when you are walking or running. What you should do is to take a note of your heart rate daily. Take this reading for at least ten days. Now you have to make an analysis that whether your heart rate remains same or goes down. The normal heart rate is about 70 to 85 beats per minute. While we are running, it goes up to 120. Remember that 120 is the safe limit in simple running. Whereas athletes have heart rate less than 90 beats per minute while running. Astonished? You should be! It’s because their heart gets used to pumping blood at near to a normal pace.


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